As a young child I always loved gadgets, not to play with them but to take them apart. I wanted to see how they work and sometimes I even got them back together and working again. More often than not, they would end up in the garbage as a failed experiment. I was curious. I wanted to see how things worked. I wanted to explorer and see and do things no one else did. This sense of curiosity and exploration has grown into a desire to seek out new and interesting experiences, to capture and document the unexplored world around me.


Ever since I can remember I always had a camera, I really love the technological side of these gadgets, from the old school bulb flash, instamatics, and various point and shoots. Wherever I went, I usually had a camera. I didn't take very good photos then as it was more to document life's adventures but as I grew older, I wanted to improve and convey the emotions I felt in each experience. 


It wasn't until recent years that I have married my love of cameras and my love of exploration into one venture to capture the world as I see it. It has been a long journey and I continue to learn and grow every time I go out to shoot. I enjoy shooting Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife, and I am lucky enough to be based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada next to great Canadian Rocky Mountains which is home many beautiful National and Provincial Parks.